Educational Applications for the Microsoft HoloLens

Bryn Mawr College has partnered with Pearson Interactive, to envision, explore and test potential higher education applications for the Microsoft HoloLens. Pearson Education has provided the College with a set of these augmented reality devices, and LITS and Pearson staff have hosted demonstration events for faculty and staff, science courses, students participating in LILAC’s STEM Intensives, Sudo Hoot, and Bryn Mawr Engineers and Makers. We are also jointly sponsored winter break and summer internships for undergraduates, where they can get first-hand experience with developing and testing applications for a 3D, augmented reality environment. In the process, interns will develop design-thinking, project-management, and collaborative communication skills, and gain experience working as part of a diverse development team distributed across continents.

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The HoloLens Project in the News:


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