Mellon Liberal Arts for the Digital Age

Funded By

Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

Project Period

January 1 2014-May 2017

Project Goals

  • Continue and expand Bryn Mawr’s work to explore blended learning as a means of enhancing teaching and learning, with a particular emphasis on the humanities and social sciences.
  • Prepare Bryn Mawr students for leadership in a digital age through internships and post-baccalaureate positions and by developing curricular opportunities to develop the necessary technical competencies and think critically about the impact that digital technologies are making on knowledge, societies, cultures, and economies in our world.


Opportunities for Bryn Mawr College Students and Faculty

  • The grant supports two summer internships for Bryn Mawr College students. For more information, see Internships.
  • Curricular development seed grants are available to support faculty and staff who want to develop courses, course projects, or other curricular-related initiatives that further the project goals for AY 2014-2015, AY 2015-2016, and AY 2016-2017. For more information, see Mellon Curricular Development Seed Grants.
  • The grant supports two full-time Educational Technologists to assist faculty with curricular development projects related to this grant, and to assist the Provost’s Office and Library & Information Technology Services staff with faculty development, training, and technical support related to digital curricular initiatives more broadly.



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