A Digital Archive for Creative Final Projects

Posted January 9th, 2017 at 9:45 am.

Screenshot of Veronica Montes personal webpage, showing Dr. Montes in her academic robes..Project Team

Veronica Montes, Cathryne Velazquez, Beth Seltzer, Palak Bhandari

Courses Involved

SOCL 218: Sociology of International Development

SOCL 225: Women in Contemporary Society SOCL

235: Mexican-American Communities


Platform development: Summer 2016
Piloted in course: Fall 2016

Project Links

Veronica Montes’s website

Archive of Student Creative Projects

Goals and Description

The aim of this project is twofold: (1) to create a showcase through the development of a website of all Montes’s courses where all her students’ projects could be displayed, and (2) to continue a more structural integration of digital platforms to be used by Montes’s students in their final creative projects.

As part of the assignments in all of Montes’s courses, it is a requirement to work on a Final Creative Project. The student selects a topic either covered in the course or an unexplored, but related, topic of the student’s interest. The student has the freedom to choose the best way to convey the project. A digital form enables students to disseminate the project not only among other Bryn Mawr and Tri-Co students, but most importantly to an audience beyond the college. Montes worked with student Cathryne Velazquez to set up a website and archive of student work, and Educational Technology Specialists taught workshops on different project software to introduce students to a range of presentation options.

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