Janna Coles

Janna Coles

Mellon Digital Curriculum Summer Intern

Bryn Mawr College


Mellon Seed Grant Projects Janna has worked on:

Blended Learning Conference 2015

“From Bordellos to Cybersex”: The History of Sexuality in Modern Europe

Everything but the Table: Food and Culture in East Asian Literature and Film


About Janna:

Janna is a linguistics major at Bryn Mawr College and will graduate in May 2016. As a Mellon Digital Curriculum Summer Intern she works on projects that blend education and technology, doing anything from beta-testing math modules to archiving websites and conferences. During the school year she is often found in the Bryn Mawr libraries either curating Collier’s Sci-Fi library as part of her duties as the president of the Doublestar club, or spending time in Canaday as a LITS cataloging assistant.


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