Digital Technologies, Architecture, and 3D Rome

Posted January 9th, 2017 at 9:48 am.

Project TeamPoster for Diane Favro Talk: The Dangers of Representation: The Battle of the Xs in Digital Urban Simulations, Bryn Mawr College, October 19, 2016

Tom Morton

Course Involved

CITY 360: Architecture of the Eternal City: Rome of the Emperors, Popes, and Starchitects

Piloted in course: Fall 2016

Goals and Description

Diane Favro (UCLA) visited Bryn Mawr during the 2016 fall term to give a public lecture on her work involving digital technologies and the study of architecture and urbanism. In addition, Dr. Favro met with the students in the Architecture of the Eternal City course, and discussed 3D visualizations of cities, particularly Rome. Further, Dr. Favro led a faculty/staff workshop on 3D visualizations of cities.

Diane Favro is a Professor of Architecture at UCLA, the new associate dean for academic affairs in Arts and Architecture at UCLA, the co-director of the Experiential Technologies Center (Etc.) at UCLA, and was just named a Fellow of the Society of Architectural Historians for lifetime achievement.

In this seminar the students study the major epochs in Rome’s glorious history (from its mythological foundations to the contemporary city), and quite understandably, considerable time is spent on ancient Rome. Dr. Favro’s visit enables the students to engage not only with the ancient city, but also with how we re-create and understand the ancient city. As part of the course, the students assess a series of digital models/projects of the ancient and medieval city of Rome, and Dr. Favro’s visit enables the students to speak with a world leader in terms of digital reconstructions of cities. In preparation for Dr. Favro’s visit, the students complete a series of critical readings and assessments of digital projects.

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