Education and Literacy in a Technological Age

Posted January 22nd, 2015 at 10:35 am.

Project Team

Alice Lesnick, Heather Curl

Courses Involved

EDUC 200: Critical Issues in Education
Education Minor sequence


Platform development: Summer-Fall 2014
Piloted in courses: AY 2014-2015

Goals and Description

In an increasingly media-powered world, Alice Lesnick and Heather Curl have conceptualized several reinvented education courses to include Twitter, the observation of changed technology in the education world, collaborating via Serendip Studio, and the opportunity for students to use many different kinds of media in their arguments. This project will culminate in an e-portfolio to demonstrate how students have mastered these new, tech-savvy methods of self-expression. Through this model, Alice and Heather hope to provide students with the opportunity to question structure and freedom, especially in curriculum development. While both professors already teach courses that focus on the role of technology in teaching, Alice and Heather believe this curriculum will be worthwhile in the application to other, more entry-level courses in an education minor’s career.

The e-portfolios will serve as living documents of learning and assessment of educational technology. The success of this endeavor will be measured by observing how much students take advantage of these digital resources and recognize their use in teaching more broadly. Students will be encouraged to link this portfolio to classes outside the primary education class they are currently taking. Lastly, students will challenge themselves to consider through this model whether or not technology can measure learning, especially in this capacity.

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