Education, Technology, and Society

Posted January 22nd, 2016 at 1:28 pm.

Project Team

Alice Lesnick, Term Professor of Education, Director of the Bryn Mawr/Haverford Education Program, and Coordinator of Africana Studies
Esther Chiang and Elizabeth Reilly, Post-Bac Educational Technologists

Course Involved

EDUC 275: Education, Technology, and Society


Platform development: Summer 2015
Piloted: Fall 2015

Project Link

The projects developed by the EDUC 275 students are connected to outside K-12 classes and a senior citizen community center. Instead, here is a link to a YouTube video in which some of the students discuss what they learned and showcase elements of the projects they designed.

Goals and description

Through four pivotal online media platforms, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress, Professor Alice Lesnick invites students to critically engage with these tools in order to understand how they play important, complex, and contested roles in education within and beyond classroom contexts. For each online media platform, a different guest speaker will spend class time working with groups on learning one platform and applying this platform into the context of their field placement. For example, as Alice describes, “students working with high school students in a Philadelphia charter school could read the Wikipedia entry on charter schools and think about what needs to be added or changed.” The purpose of this project is to have students think more critically and creatively about their consumption and experience of online media so that they will become better decision makers and have the digital literacy to understand usability as well as the complexities behind these tools.

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