Everything but the Table: Food and Culture in East Asian Literature and Film

Posted January 22nd, 2015 at 10:27 am.

Project Team

Shiamin Kwa, Assistant Professor on the Jye Chu Lectureship in Chinese Studies
Elizabeth Reilly and Esther Chiang, Post-Bac Educational Technologists

Courses Involved

EALC 345 Everything but the Table: Food and Culture in East Asian Literature and Film


Platform development: Fall 2014
Piloted in courses: Spring 2015

Goals and Description

Shiamin Kwa hopes to incorporate digital learning into several classes in the East Asian Languages and Cultures department, allowing students to collaboratively design a course website that will feature mapping tools as well as spaces for online discussion. These mapping tools will help students track how indigenous food products have traveled and changed over time. The online forum would take the place of response papers, as well as showcasing the progress of group cooking projects and displaying artwork created throughout this class. In preparation for this endeavor, Shiamin has successfully incorporated the use of Tumblr for exhibiting student artwork in past classes in this discipline.
Students felt motivated and stimulated by the process of creating artwork to present online as a final project, and Shiamin hopes to bring this excitement to projects assigned throughout the year. Students will also be motivated by observing the living online archives of past students’ work, demonstrating one of the many advantages to online projects. These efforts will be applied to future motivations to “flip” the classroom by utilizing online teaching in order to provide more time for student-led discussion in the classroom.

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