Flipping the Library Classroom at Bryn Mawr College

Posted January 22nd, 2015 at 10:32 am.

Update May 2017: This project led to a peer-reviewed article by Olivia Castello and Alex Pfundt: “Engaging Learners Through Self-Guided Tutorials: Implementing and Assessing a Flipped Classroom Model for Information Literacy Instruction,” in The Journal of Creative Library Practice.

Project Team


LITS Staff members: Christine Boyland, Olivia Castello,

Alex Pfundt, Arleen Zimmerle

Faculty partners: Leslie Alexander, Margo Campbell, Kim Cassidy,

Rebecca Laster, Betty Litsinger, Laurel Peterson

Courses Involved

SOWK B503: Research Informed Practice I (two sections)
PSYCH B203-001: Educational Psychology
ENGL B126: Workshop for Multilingual Writers
PSYCH 231: Health Psychology


Platform development: Summer-Fall 2014
Piloted in courses: AY 2014-2015

Goals and Description

A Pilot Project for Humanities and Social Science Information Library Instruction

Library and Information Technology Services (LITS) staff members will partner with faculty to improve library instruction at Bryn Mawr. The project uses self-guided online tutorials, deployed via Bryn Mawr’s learning management system, to “flip” library skills instruction, leaving more class time for interactive activities and synthesis.

The online tutorials cover basic library skills like searching the library catalog, finding research articles and requesting items via InterLibrary Loan. The modules will be available to students to reference and review throughout the semester. This will allow students with different backgrounds and learning styles to complete the tutorials at their own pace, and as many times as they need to feel confident about the material.

The librarians will then use the in-class time for a game-based interactive lesson that builds on and goes beyond the information covered in the tutorials. Students will have the chance to practice their research skills, ask questions, and get feedback from the librarians. Student learning will be assessed via brief post-tutorial/post-session quizzes with questions based on http://www.ala.org/acrl/standards/informationliteracycompetency

After the semester-long pilot project, LITS aims to develop publicly available versions of the self-guided tutorials that can be accessed anytime by Bryn Mawr students, other members of the Tri-College consortium, and the general public.

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