Geo-Mapping in ARCH B316: Trade and Transport

Posted January 22nd, 2015 at 10:24 am.

Project Team

Peter Magee

Courses Involved

ARCH B316: Trade and Transport


Platform development: Summer-Fall 2014
Piloted in courses: Fall 2014, Fall 2015

Goals and Description

Trade and Transport

Peter Magee, Associate Professor of Classical and Near East Archaelogy, is using a Mellon Digital Curriculum development grant to re-orient the fall 2014 course, ARCH B316: Trade and Transport, around active, geographical inquiry and mapping. Previously he approached course material in a chronological fashion, discussing the relationship between developments in transportation technology and their impact on trade. In this re-envisioned version of the course, he and his students students will use Google Earth to map the travel of trade goods in the Near East from c.9000 to 300 B.C., in order to think critically about distances, rates of travel, and how technological developments impacted available to people during this time period. Students will also compare this research to modern travel routes to chart the changes in civilization and trade.

Google Maps, Peter’s mapping program of choice, will supply students with skills in geo-tagging and mapping as well as becoming acquainted with the topography of the ancient Near East. Students will analyze the development of technology and how it has affected trade over time. This method will be especially helpful for visual learners, and will instruct about the human relationship with geography, how each altered the other, and changes brought on with the addition of technology.

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