How to Build a Praxis Independent Study Course

Posted January 22nd, 2016 at 1:25 pm.

Project Team

Nell Anderson and Kelly Strunk, Director and Associate Director of the Praxis Program
Elizabeth Reilly and Esther Chiang, Post-Bac Educational Technologists Archana Kaku and Jennifer Orr, Summer 2015 Interns

Course Involved

Praxis Independent Studies


Platform development: Summer-Fall 2015
Piloted in courses: Spring 2016

Project Link

On the Praxis Independent Study program page, you can read about the program and look through the tutorial.

Goals and Description

Currently, when a student decides to develop a Praxis Independent Study (PIS) course, the student attends a drop-in information session or makes an individual appointment to learn about the process. Praxis Program staff would like to develop a more engaging method for providing information to students, and develop better infrastructure for supporting the creation of PIS courses campus-wide.

The first stage of this project will be a Qualtrics-based module that will help students begin the process of creating their course. The module will offer multiple tracks, including a brief pre-assessment, information addressing the core elements of a PIS (with a particular focus on finding and approaching a faculty member and identifying and securing a field site/field supervisor), tutorials, and videos, which lead into an individual consultation. The Qualtrics module will be interactive and include multi-media to support better student engagement. By creating the module in Qualtrics, the information will be more easily accessible to students with varying levels of interest and knowledge, as well as different learning styles. It will also allow the Praxis Program staff to effectively assess understanding and be better prepared to meet a student’s needs during the consultation.

In addition to the Qualtrics module, this project will also create digital equivalents of all the forms required to set up a PIS course, and a Moodle course which centralizes all the required materials in one location.




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