Introduction to Chinese Literature: Translation and Adaptation

Posted January 22nd, 2016 at 1:22 pm.

Project Team

Shiamin Kwa, Assistant Professor on the Jye Chu Lectureship in Chinese Studies
Esther Chiang and Elizabeth Reilly, Post-Bac Educational Technologists

Course Involved

EALC 110: Introduction to Chinese Literature


Syllabus development: Summer 2015
Platform implemented: Fall 2015

Goals and Description

For this course, Professor Shiamin Kwa will redesign the course EALC 110 to facilitate a more active student role using three blended components. First, students will use the iPad app Pleco several times in class to collaboratively explore poems. Pleco, an interactive Chinese dictionary app, will allow the students to interpret short poems, including formal qualities, which would otherwise have been unmanageable for intermediate readers

Students will also produce individual “digital textbooks” over the course of the semester by incorporating representative texts for each unit. The project, which will create miniature and personalized anthologies, will allow students to reflect on the growing body of materials and encourage them to develop a more expansive understanding of the relationship between texts and forms in Chinese literary tradition. The students will be active participants in their own learning, working both independently and collaboratively to construct new knowledge and think about canon formation, adaptation, and intertextuality.

Additionally, because the course emphasizes the important connections between visual form and verbal content, students will create visual interpretations of the poems which will be shared on Tumblr and linked to the course’s Moodle page.


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