JupyterDay Philly, May 18-19

Jupyter Notebook screenshot, showing some code and "Hello World!"

Staying a bit longer near Bryn Mawr? Join us for JupyterDay: Transformative Teaching with the Jupyter Notebook. Jupyter notebooks are collaborative, free, open-source web notebooks, allowing users to share live code, equations, visualizations, text and more.

May 18: Jupyter Notebook Tutorials – The day before JupyterDay Philly will have an afternoon of tutorials on using the Jupyter Notebook for education. Stop by after the Blended Learning Conference!

May 19: JupyterDay Philly will be a day-long workshop dedicated to the use in education of the free and open-source Jupyter notebook. The objective of the workshop is to showcase Jupyter’s capabilities to transform teaching at all levels.

All events are free and open to the public. More information here.


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