Online Learning Resources in the Digital Age

Posted January 22nd, 2016 at 1:15 pm.

Project Team

Rachel Heiser, Academic Support and Learning Resources Specialist
Christina Rose, Assistant Dean
Jancy Munguia, Esther Chiang and Elizabeth Reilly
Audrey Lin ’18, Charlie Bruce ’15, and Christina Stella ’17

Courses Involved

ACKSK001 “Understanding the Student Mind: Strategies for Engaging in Self-Care and Metacognition” and GNST043 “Meta Cognition and the Transition to College”


Project piloted: Fall 2015-Spring 2016

Project Link

“Athena’s Guide” blog, written by Audrey Lin with videos by Charlie Bruce and Christina Stella

Goals and Description

This project will draw on material taught in ACKSK001 and GNST043 to create accessible multimedia that helps students learn about and apply effective metacognition and self-care strategies. Student interns will work collaboratively to develop podcasts, blog posts, and video blogs for fellow students. This content will teach important practical skills, such as effective time management and study skills, and introduce students to technology which supports them.
Creating online equivalents of this material, which is otherwise taught in courses, will allow the material to reach all students who might benefit from it. It will be accessible and available to the community, and distributed to students in the way which the interns determine is most effective.
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