Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts

Trends in Educational Technology: Report from the ELI Annual Meeting

Posted March 8, 2017

A few weeks ago, Gina Siesing and I attended the ELI 2017 Annual Meeting to co-facilitate a workshop on digital citizenship for liberal arts colleges. ELI stands for EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative,  the arm of the EDUCAUSE professional association for technology in higher education that focuses on pedagogical uses of technology. Every year at the conference, […]

A Digital Archive for Creative Final Projects

Posted January 9, 2017

Project Team Veronica Montes, Cathryne Velazquez, Beth Seltzer, Palak Bhandari Courses Involved SOCL 218: Sociology of International Development SOCL 225: Women in Contemporary Society SOCL 235: Mexican-American Communities Timeline Platform development: Summer 2016 Piloted in course: Fall 2016 Project Links Veronica Montes’s website Archive of Student Creative Projects Goals and Description The aim of this […]

Exploring Sound and Anthropology

Posted January 9, 2017

Project Team Amanda Weidman, Christine Boyland, Melanie Bahti Courses Involved Anth B 266 Waves of Power: The Anthropology and Cultural Politics of Sound Timeline Platform development: Summer 2016 Piloted in course: Fall 2016 Goals and Description This is a new course that builds an anthropological understanding of sound as a product of human creativity, human […]

Reblogged: Testing Microsoft Hololens in Class | Miranda’s Banter Blog

Posted October 27, 2016

The Bryn Mawr College Physics Senior Seminar class was in for a special treat on Monday October 24. Education specialists from Bryn Mawr College’s Blended Learning Initiative and Pearson Education Corporation brought in the latest Microsoft Hololens for students to test and give feedback on. Lucky for us, Pearson contacted Bryn Mawr College first about this demo […]

ePortfolios: The Good, the Bad, and What We’re Reading About It

Posted October 19, 2016

Imagine this. During college, instead of writing short essay responses on Moodle, you write them on your personal blog. You get in a heated debate with four of your classmates and two advocates as a nearby non-profit about local environmental issues. Instead of a final paper, you build a digital map on urban food deserts, […]

Blended Learning from the Student Perspective: Summer Workers Report

Posted September 21, 2016

In Educational Technology Services in Bryn Mawr LITS, we work with many students each year, including both our interns and the student workers hired to help on particular projects. This past summer, students helped us out with website design, audio-visual editing, digital mapping, and HTML/CSS coding projects. But what do these projects entail, and what’s […]

Food and Drink in the Ancient World

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Annette M. Baertschi, Associate Professor, Greek, Latin and Classical Studies and Esther Chiang, Post-Bac Educational Technologist Course Involved CSTS 320: “Food and Drink in the Ancient World” Timeline Platform development: Summer 2015 Piloted in course: Fall 2015 Project Link The class’ Omeka website can be viewed by visiting this link. Goals and Description This […]

Introduction to Chinese Literature: Translation and Adaptation

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Shiamin Kwa, Assistant Professor on the Jye Chu Lectureship in Chinese Studies Esther Chiang and Elizabeth Reilly, Post-Bac Educational Technologists Course Involved EALC 110: Introduction to Chinese Literature Timeline Syllabus development: Summer 2015 Platform implemented: Fall 2015 Goals and Description For this course, Professor Shiamin Kwa will redesign the course EALC 110 to facilitate […]

Computational Notebook

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Douglas Blank Courses Involved EMLY022: Humanity and Technology Timeline Platform development: Summer-Fall 2014 Piloted in courses: AY 2014-2015 Goals and Description Through Mellon funding, Douglas Blank has created a computational notebook for liberal arts education. Blending reading, computation, and writing, this innovative project provides students with a new way to express themselves through […]

VoiceThread for Online Oral Language Practice

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Agnès Peysson-Zeiss (French), David Kenosian (German) and Manar Darwish (Arabic) Chris Boyland, Senior Educational Technology Specialist Jenny Spohrer, Director of Educational Technology Services Esther Chiang and Elizabeth Reilly, Post-Bac Educational Technologists Courses Involved FREN001 Intensive Elementary French GERM B001 Elementary German ARAB B003-001 Second Year Modern Standard Arabic Timeline Platform development: Summer-Fall 2014 […]

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