Blended Learning in the Liberal Arts

Blending Abnormal Psychology

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Marc Schulz, Rachel C. Hale Chair in the Sciences and Mathematics Chair of the Psychology Department Course Involved PSYC 239: Abnormal Psychology Timeline Platform development: Fall 2014 Piloted in courses: 2014-2015 Goals and Description This course, Abnormal Psychology, incorporates blended learning to engage students in new, rewarding ways. With the addition of regular online quizzes, […]

Collaborative Online Spaces in Writing, Education, and the 360 Program

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Anne Dalke, Jody Cohen, Ann Dixon, Emily Maroni (student intern), and Rebecca Cook (student intern) Courses Involved EMLYoo1: Doing Justice: Nature and Culture (two linked sections) EDUC 270: Identity, Access, and Innovation in Education Identity Matters 360°: Being, Belonging, Becoming (includes 3 classes: ENGL 293 Critical Feminist Studies; ICPR 207 Disability, Identity, Culture; […]

Computational Notebook

Posted January 22, 2016

Project Team Douglas Blank Courses Involved EMLY022: Humanity and Technology Timeline Platform development: Summer-Fall 2014 Piloted in courses: AY 2014-2015 Goals and Description Through Mellon funding, Douglas Blank has created a computational notebook for liberal arts education. Blending reading, computation, and writing, this innovative project provides students with a new way to express themselves through […]

Flipping the Library Classroom at Bryn Mawr College

Posted January 22, 2015

Update May 2017: This project led to a peer-reviewed article by Olivia Castello and Alex Pfundt: “Engaging Learners Through Self-Guided Tutorials: Implementing and Assessing a Flipped Classroom Model for Information Literacy Instruction,” in The Journal of Creative Library Practice. Project Team   LITS Staff members: Christine Boyland, Olivia Castello, Alex Pfundt, Arleen Zimmerle Faculty partners: […]

Digitizing Videos for Coding Gestures

Posted January 22, 2015

Project Team Marc Schulz Courses Involved Psych 289: Clinical Psychology Lab Timeline Platform development: Winter and Spring 2015 Piloted in courses: Spring 2015 Goals and Description In this new course that is set to develop clinical observation skills, students will learn to code videos of coupe interactions for emotional expression. However, the clips are still […]

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