Teagle Courseware Development

Graphic illustrating how correlation value changes when range is limited

CCBY3 Skbkekas, “Correlation range dependence,” Wikimedia Commons, 2010.


Funded By

The Teagle Foundation‘s Hybrid Learning and the Residential Liberal Arts Experience initiative supporting consortial projects that further the use of blended (or “hybrid”) learning to enhance teaching and learning at liberal arts colleges.

Project Period

July 2014 – June 2017

Project Goals

  • Developing a set of online instructional materials that can be used to develop a hybrid (or “blended”) approach to Psychology Research Methods and Statistics (Psych RMS). These materials will be published as open educational resources (OER) that instructors and individual learners at any college, university and community college could use at no cost.
  • Improving student mastery in psychology research methods and statistics through a blended approach, which enables students to practice, assess, and get feedback on concepts and skills online at their own pace and can help faculty differentiate learning data to meet the wide range of prior experience, math skill and confidence levels common in this introductory course.
  • Test and report on a model for collaborative development that liberal arts college faculty can use to develop the online, interactive educational resources needed to support hybrid learning in other areas that are inadequately served by commercial and OER publishers.

Partner Institutions

Bryn Mawr College, Albright, College of St. Benedict, St. John’s University, Santa Rosa Junior College, Swarthmore College, St. Mary’s College of California, Wesleyan University

Bryn_Mawr_seal Albright Wordmark2ce7652-1Santa Rosa Jr Collegethumb_p50982.tf_E8242D05-BF4A-0918-E3BFF70220413EA5.swarthmore-college thumb_p50982.tf_7B23FFC7-D97E-6678-B2FD63A43DC4B930.smc_logo_web Wesleyan_University_Shield.svg


Project Personnel


Dierker, Lisa | Professor of Psychology, Wesleyan University Powell, Caitlin | Assistant Professor of Psychology, St. Mary’s College of California
Hause, Emily | Associate Professor of Psychology, St. Mary’s College of California Spohrer, Jennifer | Coordinator for Academic Technology Initiatives, Bryn Mawr College
Heberle, Julia F. | Associate Professor of Psychology, Director of Albright College Honors Program Tennison, Linda | Associate Professor of Psychology, College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University
Kachelski, Robert | Associate Professor of Psychology, College of St. Benedict & St. John’s University Thapar, Anjali | Professor of Psychology, Bryn Mawr College
Kasselman, Lora | Assistant Professor of Psychology, Albright College Ward, Andrew H. | Professor & Department Chair of Psychology, Swarthmore College
Kremer, J├╝rgen | Professor & Department Chair of Behavioral Sciences, Santa Rosa Junior College Zarnoth, Paul | Associate Professor & Department Chair of Psychology, St. Mary’s College of California



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